Next time, wear socks

I had an MRI this morning starting at 6:45. My escort showed up at 6:30 to walk me down to the MRI labs…I wasn’t expecting him until 6:45 so I was still in my pajamas. I threw on my shoes (sans socks) and headed down. It was extremely similar to the MRI I had of my brain done in February except this time they scanned my femur and my pelvis. It was very cold in the room so they draped a nice warm blanket over me. Just like last time they had me lay down, played the loud noises and after a little more than an hour, we were done. My advice if you are doing an MRI…wear socks. And a long sleeve shirt. And take a cushion for your butt. And no. I’m not joking. Mine was numb by the end. Dr. Holland is interested in seeing my bone marrow in these portions of my body…I think it’s to help determine during transplant how much bone marrow I’ll actually need. I’m not a doctor though, that’s just a guess.

I saw my ovaries again yesterday. They’re about the size of small oranges now and my doctor guarantees they’ll get uncomfortable soon. My levels are not progressing as they’ve hope they would so they’ve upped my dosage and have also started me on another injection. Now I get 3 per day! At this point I’ve been injected with these hormones 19 times and my belly is starting to get sore which they’ve said is normal with the amount of injections I’ve gotten. They recommend ice packs to help with the pain. And pudding. Okay. That was my recommendation because I’m sure pudding will help. But again, I’m not a doctor.

When the eggs are ready to retrieve the doctor will give me another injection to trigger ovulation and then will extract the eggs. It’s estimated this will occur between the 16th and the 18th. I’m affectionately referring to this day as “The Harvest.” I’m almost there!

I haven’t worn jeans in about 12 days (it’s been leggings/sweatpants the entire time). Nor make-up. Nor jewelry. Or a bra for that matter. And I haven’t been combing my hair. Because who am I trying to impress anyways? Alex is coming to visit me today so in preparation for his arrival I’ve decided to go all out and do all these things. I feel like a real person again!


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