The Harvest: Round 2

When I posted about another harvest, I got a couple of suggestions for names. “The Harvest: Reloaded”, “2 Harvest 2 Furious”, and “John Deere Green” were among some of them and…although I thought those names were…how do you put this…unique, they didn’t quite capture the essence of what I was aiming for so I decided to go with “The Harvest: Round 2.” Plain and simple.

The Harvest: Round 2 was on Friday (4/17) at 1pm.

I changed into a gown around 11:30am so I would be ready to go down to the OR when the staff came to pick me up in the gurney. See!
Mom and I didn’t think the gown was fitted properly so we tried to spruce it up with a nice little belt (ie. a scarf). We joked about putting some darts in it (to make it better fitted) but we didn’t think the doctors would appreciate that. After just a little soul searching I determined that we should not be fashion designers. Sorry, Mom.

The OR staff wheeled me down around 12:20, got me all anesthetized and the harvesting team went to town. This time they extracted 15 eggs, 8 of which were mature. This is right inline with what we were expecting so even though my ovaries were being lazy, they still produced. Thank you ovaries. We’re cool again. You did have me guessing for a while but you pulled through. A for effort.

Remember how excited you were to see my ovaries? Well now you also get to see my eggs. Science! It’s so rad.

Nicole took a photo of my eggs under the microscope. I’m not exactly sure what is what here but Nicole said that the little dark spots within the blobs were the eggs but it’s still a little unclear to me. Can you spot the ghostly looking blob there near the top? It looks so sad.
We’ve now got a total of 18 eggs in the bank…er…I mean freezer. When the time comes, I promise I won’t try to be the next Octomom.

My sincerest appreciation goes out to my harvesting team. Nicole, Dr. Wolff, Dr. Banks and Dr. Healy have been absolutely incredible throughout this entire process. Scheduling. (And rescheduling.) Explaining everything. Checking in. And just overall making sure I was all set; they’ve been wonderful.

So. Now that the harvest is done we are ready to begin everything else…


3 thoughts on “The Harvest: Round 2

  1. oh, ashley…i heard this news the other day~ WAY TO GO, OVARIES! just love that scarf as a belt…it’s all about contrast….oh..and comfort…..and cuteness… have it all covered to begin the next phase…B I G love…. B I G hugs…


  2. Ok…Well, that is great news Ashley. gratitude all around – for sure. Well Done little ovaries – well done. Love your posts. Miss you here greatly.


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